One day surgery, Nitra, Slovakia

Dear Sir/Madam,
during the first years of our existence, we have earned the respect and confidence of our patients - clients in the FIRST NITRA ONE DAY SURGERY facility -- confidence in the services they have been provided by us. This confidence is especially demonstrated by the fact that they pick our Center to solve their health problems.
one day surgery

Our facility specializes in medical procedures related to one-day surgery, traumatology, orthopedics, and plastic surgery. The entire team of surgeons and nurses is on a high professional level with long-term experience. They are ready to provide you with all kinds of medical services at an above standard professional level. Patients are first in our center and the entire daily program is designed to meet the patients´ needs.

Our facility, the FIRST NITRA ONE DAY SURGERY, Ltd., was established in 2002 with a focus on activities related to surgery and traumatology. The term "one day surgery" covers surgeries connected with the possibility of hospitalization up to 24 hours. After having established ourselves in the market through numerous satisfied patients, we have gradually expanded our offerings in terms of the performed medical procedures of vascular, orthopedic and plastic surgeries. As the first facility of the above mentioned type in the Nitra region, we own complete X-Ray equipment of the new generation, as well as the advanced technology needed for orthopedic and vascular surgeries.

An additional characteristic which is a distinguishing feature of our facility is the maximum specialization of the physicians. Each physician is in charge of his/her own special field of surgeries, striving to be the best in it, without being burdened by procedures related to other kinds of surgeries.

A pleasant environment, caring staff, discreetness: all these are a reality here and are an automatic part of our unique and prestigious facility.

General Surgery

  • Surgeries of skin and subdermal growths;
  • Plastic surgeries of acronyxes;
  • Surgeries of ruptures, varices of lower extremities

Trauma Surgery

  • X-Ray examinations, conservative ways of sprains and dislocation treatment, fractures;
  • Surgery treatments of tendons, fibrous apparatus of joints,
  • Surgery treatment of collarbone fractures, elbows, forearms, hands, fingers
  • Surgery treatment of knee-caps, ankles, legs


  • Surgeries of Dupuytren's fractures, carpal canal;
  • Epicondylitis of the arm bones, jumping finger
  • Surgery of finger and hand disorders, club-foot, hammertoe;
  • Deformities of the foot arch, arthroscopic surgeries of the arm, elbow, and ankle

Plastic Surgery

  • Surgery of eyelids, ala , face lifting, neck lifting,
  • Brest augmentation, reduction mamoplastics
  • Abdominal wall plastic surgery,;
  • Abdominal liposuction, hip and thigh liposuction, liposuction on calves;


  • Fimosis surgery, surgical repositioning of parafimosis, frenuloplastics, varicoceles;
  • Orchiectomy at atrophic testicle, orchiectomy at prostate carcinoma, urethra divulsion;
  • Excision of urethral caruncle, male sterilization, excision of dermatocele or peridermic cyst, hydrocele surgery in boys, surgery of the simple hydrocele in men, penis condyloma excision, orchiopexy of the retained tactile testicle (not at cryptorchism)

Ing. Anna Valachová
Executive director

MUDr. Jozef Maďar
Executive director
Head surgeon